About Wilson

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb.


To create a world full of possibilities and limitless opportunities where no one is left behind


To help schools and organizations create an equitable playing field where every person can reach their fullest potential.

Teaching Philosophy

“To whom much is given, much will be demanded.”

My background

Wilson Kubwayo, MBA is a Business Adjunct Instructor at Portland Community College. Wilson began his career as a Social Media Coordinator and became the Digital Strategy & Social Media Manager shortly after. Wilson’s work involved managing the company’s social media presence, creating organic content, performing page SEO, and hosting webinars utilizing social media to grow his company’s online presence.

Later Wilson was promoted as the Director of Community Engagement for USAHello where he engaged people online and offline as part of community engagement and fundraising efforts.

Wilson runs his consulting firm Wilson Inspiration, LLC and is also the founder of Our Growth Project, and co-founder of Simple X. In 2020, Wilson was inducted as Portland Business Journal Forty Under 40, which highlights forty of the region’s most influential professionals.


You’d probably like to know about my background. 

I graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with concentration in Business Innovations and Marketing.  

I began my teaching career over five years ago in K-12 and transitioned into higher education later on. I have been a business instructor at Portland Community College since 2019. At PCC I teach Social Media Marketing and Intro to Business.   

In addition to teaching, I enjoy running my businesses and helping people live life to their fullest potential.

Director of Community Engagement:
When I was the Director of Community Engagement, I worked directly with the Executive Director to advance company’s financial goals and branding. I learned a great deal about business development and raising funds.  

Simple X: I am the co-founder and CEO of Simple X, a startup ecosystem working alongside Black professionals and companies to generate opportunities, foster connections and develop success. As a co-founder, I led the inception of the company and its strategic plans. My work involved writing the initial business plan, social media marketing plan, company pitch deck and partnership packages.

Wilson Inspiration, LLC: I began my own consulting company during my sophomore year in college. The goal was to learn through failure, and I did. After college, I became a full time Inspirational speaker and learned firsthand how to monetize my skills. With my interest in Social Media and Marketing, my side projects involved helping startups write business plans and branding, and social media strategy. As years went by, I started other businesses under my LLC including a social media agency called WK Social, and  real estate investments projects including running a fulltime AirBnB unit.

Like many areas of business, real estate, social media agency and consulting tends to be very relationship and people oriented industries, so I have the opportunity to practice my own business and interpersonal communication skills on a daily basis. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with close family and friends. I also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and traveling whenever possible. I have a dumb goal to visit all fifty states by 2025 – and I am only eight states away from accomplishing my goal. I recently began traveling international and I am looking forward to take on international trips as my next fun adventure.