We’ve made a commitment to help you close the opportunity gap, today. Whether you seek to advance your students, employees, become a better leader in your community, or whether you want to advance equity, diversity and inclusion efforts in your organization. We’ve put together fun, engaging and personable content to guide your organization through the journey.

Our commitment is to work with you and your team to come up with actionable steps to help you go forth. Choose a topic of your choice below or create your own. Get in touch.

Beyond English Classes

K-12 & Higher Education

Contrary to deficit thinking that views learners of marginalized backgrounds as unable to succeed due to their background. We explore how their experiences demonstrate their multiple capacities to succeed in school if we encourage them to embody “intentional defiance” when receiving deficit-thinking advice and to stop listening if it lowers learners’ expectations of themselves.

Leading with Inclusive Lens

Corporate & Public Sectors

Firsthand experience talking about diversity. Learn best practices and tools to close the opportunity gap in your organization.

This is an advanced leadership and inclusion training for employers and administrators. Themes include “In-Group” vs. “Out-Group” and intimate dialogue on race and perception checking. Learn how to lead within and amongst the levels of self, others, and organization.

Climbing the walls of greatness

Associations, Individuals & groups

Nurture, inspire and empower your group with true-to-life experience overcoming obstacles and navigating systems. This body of work focuses on life skills, entrepreneurial mindset, business and life-hacking tips to help you thrive and excel. Attendees will learn how to diagnose their life to unlock their inner gifts by implying Wilson’s proven MMX Theory and “LIFE Mastery plan.” LIFE (Learn, Identify, Follow-up, Execute).

Close the opportunity gap, today!

General: J.E.D.I.

This intimate dialogue is a mixed approach of cooperative learning, experiential learning, discussions, and lesson objective transparency. This allows participants to share their experiences and learn from others. This presentation introduces particpants to new concepts, exercises and examples that will challenge your beliefs and school of thought.

Chasing forever

My life, My journey

Growing up in the refugee camp, dealing with poverty and displacement. Learn about the “mind-virus” and how it impacts one’s life. Wilson shares best practices navigating the American system as a Black/African male who had to imply “intentional defiance” to break through systemic racism, deficit thinking, and unspoken challenges facing under-sourced populations, especially Black students.

Customize Your Own

You can have the ability to get a little bit of everything that Wilson has to offer. Create your own objectives for your audience, and we will collaborate on a personalized presentation that meets your organization’s needs. Whether you wish to explore community engagement and equity best practices or need a workshop that will challenge you to grow, you can start today. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!